Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

This website is here to encourage all those who would like to learn to play a musical instrument, but have never had the opportunity or time.

If you are not quite sure which instrument is right for you, start by trying an intrument that is reasonably easy to play such as the ukulele.

It’s never too late to start learning and making the quickest progress with the least amount of time – even 10 minutes a day can give great results!

George Harrison said that everyone should own and play a ukulele – it’s simple to carry with you and you can’t play it without it putting a smile on your face!

For one of the easiest instruments to play – the ukulele, Click Here!

Adults are often self conscious
Adults usually find it more difficult to learn an instrument than children, not because they haven’t got the ability, but often because they are more self conscious about sounding like a beginner and making mistakes.

On the other hand, children don’t have these negative thoughts in their minds as they are constantly learning new things and told how great they sound – if you are an adult beginner … don’t be put off!

One of the best instruments to learn, especially for children, is the piano. It is hard to break! and notes are a lot easier to play, at least to begin with, than a violin or trumpet.
Two of the biggest drawbacks of the piano are its size and cost, so if these are an issue, the suggestions below may be more suitable.

Learning The GuitarAnother great instrument to learn for kids is the guitar (nylon string, classical type is best for young children because it’s easier on the fingers) and is one of the least expensive options.

Some of the advantages of learning the guitar are:

  • Inexpensive to buy a beginner’s model
  • Easy to learn a few chords
  • Just about every style of music can be played on the guitar
  • Very portable – very popular!

The acoustic guitar is also a good place to begin if you hope to go on to learn the electric guitar – as many people do!

If you hope to one-day join a rock band or play in a group:

The Bass Guitar is probably the easiest instrument to learn in the rock category.

Although the cost of a bass guitar and amplifier will set you back a little or a lot – depending on the quality, a good set-up will last for years and be very good value for money.

Sometimes it is better to invest a little more (if possible of course) and get a set-up that will be usable on a more professional level, rather than have to upgrade and lose money in a part exchange deal.

Check out this “slap bass” video.

For singing and playing in various styles of music:

The Acoustic Guitar is a great choice.

Reasonably inexpensive, the guitar (acoustic is great for vocal/guitar) has got to be number one. Just a few chords and you’ll be able to play hundreds of songs. You’ll probably want to avoid ”home on the range”!

When buying a guitar for a child, it is worth remembering that nylon string guitars (classical) are easier on the fingers. Also, size is another consideration and I would recommend that children from seven years and above buy a 3/4 size.

If you would like to play lots of tunes and sound like a full orchestra:

The Keyboard fits this request perfectly. Learn Keyboard

It is also great for composing your own music and you can produce backing tracks for vocals on the computer.

“I would like to play in an orchestra (eventually) and I like all sorts of music including classical.”


Learn ViolinThe Violin is a wonderful instrument for being part of a large group of
players. Safety in numbers! ;)

However, it is very demanding as a solo instrument and requires many years of practice to achieve a good standard. Surprisingly though, the violin is great for country, folk and jazz music too!


“I’d love to learn to play the piano but it is probably too late for me at my age …  maybe?”

The Piano is the key (pardon the pun) that can open the door to learn Pianoalmost all styles of music and can be learnt at any age.

Rachmaninov’s piano concerto may be a little too ambitious for some, but the piano’s huge repertoire has something for everyone at any standard and any age.

An option for those who don’t have the space for a large piano is an electronic piano with a weighted action. They feel the same to play as an acoustic piano.


“I’ve always wanted to learn to play the drums but they are too loud for my circumstances.”Learn Drum kit

If you don’t want a conventional Drum kit, you can buy a practice or electronic drum kit that is almost silent. You hear the sounds through headphones or you could play through an amplifier with a band. These kits are also a lot easier to transport too!


An easy instrument to learn is the Ukulele. Great fun to play and learn ukuleleinexpensive to buy.

Well … if it was good enough for George Harrison!


So what are you waiting for … choose an instrument and begin the exciting journey into the world of the musician!


Learn to play Amazing Grace on the Bagpipes … that would bring a learn Bagpipestear to anyone’s eye!

The best way to start is with a chanter which is the part that you blow into. After you have learnt where the notes are and can play some tunes, it’s time to get the air pumping … you’ll need a lot of puff and probably music lessons too!

Great for New Year’s Eve and other special occasions.


The Mandolin is an amazing little instrument and there are two Learn Mandolintypes. Flat back which is the folk instrument, and bowl back, which is more of an Italian style.

Not too expensive to buy and easy to transport the mandolin is a lot of fun. It can be as easy or as difficult to play as you wish. If your fingers are like thick sausages you may find it more difficult to learn!


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