Tips On Buying Your First Ukulele

Tips On Buying Your First UkuleleIt’s always both exciting and nerve racking when buying an item you know very little about. So here are a few important tips on buying your first ukulele.

Buying a ukulele that is the wrong type or one that is not good enough to be able to learn on, is something that we want to avoid!

The cheapest model is often what we first look for, before starting to learn a new instrument.

However, the least expensive ukulele may well be harder to play, sound poor and fall to pieces after a bit of use!

It’s usually better to pay just a little more and get one that is:

  • Easy to play
  • Sounds good
  • Will last a while before upgrading


As We Make Progress
Hopefully your ukulele lessons online will produce great results and at some stage in the future we’ll want to do more and more playing. Either for ourselves or in a ukulele orchestra or ensemble, which is becoming very popular. It’s great fun playing along with other people! The Ukulele is possibly the easiest instrument to teach yourself – or at least one of them!

Of course we want to sound good, both through our excellent playing and because of the tone of our own ukulele, so how a ukulele sounds should also be considered.

Well Built
A solid construction with good tuning pegs, also known as machine heads, is important – you want it to last and to stay in tune well.

Makala Ukuleles
There are many brands or makes of Ukulele available, but if you are looking for the best budget ukulele I would recommend
the Makala MK-S Soprano – as well as a few others.

This is a very popular model with beginners and intermediate players because it is well constructed, easy to play, in a natural wood finish and sounds good too.

The Makala Dolphin model, which is also soprano size and slightly less expensive is also recommended.
One feature of the Dolphin model is that it comes in a huge range of colors – great for young people!

For Those On A Tight Budget
For those on a tight budget, the Mahalo is a good buy – it is a best seller on Amazon! For the price it is a very acceptable instument to learn on.

Strings and Tuning
When you first buy a ukulele and tighten the strings – they will stretch and go out of tune.
This is quite normal and it usually takes a few days for the strings to settle down and for the instrument to remain in tune.

Better Strings
The least expensive instruments will always sound better if the strings are replaced with a good set. This is something to consider in the short term and will instantly improve the tone of your instrument. Aquila are among the best makes.

A Tuner
Another tip is to buy an electronic tuner. This makes it easier to tune the ukulele but you can also use an online tuner on a home computer. There are also tuning apps for phones too.

Other accessories include a case, spare strings, a tutor book and plectrums.

For ukulele lessons online, see: Rocket Ukulele Review – Learn Ukulele Fast!