Learn to Play Violin – Violin Master Pro Method – A Review

The Violin Master Pro Method Review

There are a number of ways to learn violin online, some courses come as a bundle (all at once) and others are given out as weekly lessons with a recurring fee to go with them!

In this Violin Master pro method review, I shall go into detail about this “bundle style” violin course and give its pro’s and con’s. Also the advantages and dissadvantages of learning to play the violin online with a course like this one.

The Violin Master Pro Method Review

The Violin – Wonderful but Challenging!
The Violin is a wonderful instrument, but one of the most challenging instruments on which to get started – or at any stage for that matter! Guidance from a teacher is highly recommended – online or otherwise.

Although the violin is not the easiest musical instrument to learn, with the right start, progress will be swift and practice enjoyable!


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How The Violin Master Pro Method Can Help

Firstly, What It Is?

The Violin Master Pro Method is an online video course that will help you learn to play the violin from the very start of the learning process up to an advanced level.

This method is developed by a professional violinist named Eric Lewis, who has been teaching violin to hundreds of students for over 40 years.

The great thing about this method of learning violin is that it is suitable even if you have never played a musical instrument before. If you have there is a lot here for you too – read on!

The step-by-step instruction of this home learning course will give those learning to play violin a challenge at whatever level they are at and with many different styles of music.

This method can be used to play Classical, Jazz, Rock, Country, and Bluegrass and will provide any player with a great foundation in any one of these musical genres.


Violin Master Pro Method Review


How can it help you

The Violin Master Pro study method is easy to understand and learn with, using teaching techniques that provide the best progress for the amount of time spent practising.

There are 11 main video lessons to show you exactly where everything goes, jam tracks for playing along, scales and exercises for making good steady progress.

  • You will learn how to play the violin in many different genres, such as  Classical, Jazz, Latin, Fusion, Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, and Country music.
  • Understanding how to use muscle memory and how your fingers and hands can memorise music as well as your brain.
  • Learn to play music from memory as well as learn to sight read violin music.
  • Lots of tips on playing scales, arpeggios and of course pieces that will make learning a lot easier than with most other methods.
  • How to improvise in any style that will enable you to express yourself on the violin – not just play written pieces.
  • Learn at home whenever you like – unlike going to a private teacher, and there is no travelling involved!


What is in the package?

  • The Violin Master Pro Method Guide – includes more than 100 scales and arpeggios and other helpful learning aids. It has all you require to learn to play violin from the start to an advanced level.
  • The Violin Video Library – every video lesson can be downloaded and you will learn about aspects of violin playing such as: how to improvise, how to develop a good techniques with both hands, the best way to use fingers and how to play in octaves to name but a few.
  • The JamTracks Collection – as well as the lessons, the author Eric Lewis also includes Jam tracks in order to rehearse and play along to. All of this teaching is introduced in logical step by step method so that there are no large leaps that make learning to play the violin difficult.
  • Membership of Violin Master Pro – members will receive the violin method workshop online where you can learn how to write violin music and performance tips. There is a whole host of tips and advice available online.


A Teacher or Someone Who Can Already Play

If you are a complete beginner and have no previous instrumental experience, you will need guidance. This could be from a professional teacher, at their house, or online with the type of learning method included in this course.

If you don’t have someone to guide you, you should at least ask someone who can already play to get you tuned you and give you a few tips on how to hold the violin and how to use the violin bow.

Your First Instrument

When you buy your first instrument, it will need tuning and the bow will need violin rosin applied.

I remember when I got my first violin – I couldn’t get a sound out of it because I didn’t realise I hadn’t applied enough rosin!

If you don’t have anyone to help you get started, an online violin course is highly recommended and will save you many hours of frustration of trying to get started on your own.

Having A Good Sense Of Pitch

It will probably sound out of tune until you’ve achieved a good standard of intonation – placing your fingers in the right places – because unlike the guitar, there are no frets!

Once over the initial hurdles, the violin is a very rewarding instrument and is great for playing many different styles of music including: country, folk and jazz music too!

However, it is best to have some lessons from a good teacher or second best, online tuition combined with a lot of practice to achieve a good standard.

If you are looking for an online course for learning to play the violin from your computer, this is excellent: ViolinMasterPro.

False Economy

As with all instrument, buying the cheapest may mean that you will be upgrading sooner than you thought because the very cheapest violins are often harder to play – you need all the help you can get!

A better sound is often achieved by changing the strings for a better set.

Video Lessons Help

Learn how to play Violin starting from scratch on your computer from the comfort of your own home. You are going to be playing your first notes by the end of the day as the Violin Master Pro system comes with video lessons, Exclusive Jam tracks, exercises, scales, chords, and step by step instructions for all stages.

In addition to the Violin Master Pro system, you will be given 1000+ scales and arpeggios, exclusive resources and the library of jam tracks to play along with.

Everything you need to learn to get up and running is here. You will be given the tools to develop an incredible skill with a violin.

Visit Violin Master Pro and see what you could achieve!

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