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Everything You Need To Get Started!

Where To Start
Perhaps the most important place to begin, to learn rock guitar, is with the style of guitar music that you like most – and then other decisions should then be easier to make.

Rock n Roll or Heavy Rock
If you like heavy rock, power chords could be a good starting point. If your tastes are a little less heavy, learning to play the blues for example would be a good place to start.

Learning to read TAB is an essential skill for rock guitar players and listening and copying your favorite riffs from your favorite guitarists is a good idea.

Blues Scale
Once you get used to playing and listening to the blues and pentatonic scales, it will open up the possibility of playing most riffs as almost all playing in this style is based on those scales.

Electric Rock Guitars
Electric guitars come in all shapes and sizes, but I would recommend a Fender Stratocaster copy guitar to start with because they are easy to hold and are included in most of the beginners packages. The guitar in the photo is a Fender Strat copy and comes with an amp, strap, lead and guitar case – you need to get started.

How Much Progress
If you are a beginner, it’s important to be realistic about what you can achieve. learning to play like Jimmy Page in a couple of weeks is being slightly optimistic! but you could learn some chords and the blues scale – very useful for improvising.

Have A Few Lessons
Although it is very cool to be self-taught, it is usually quicker to get a few lessons from a teacher who can give you some realistic goals to achieve and lots of good advice about technique – the way you position your hands and the guitar etc. and that’s something that only someone who can see the way YOU play can help you with.

There are also lots of good online guitar course including the one in the video below from Jamplay.

Click Here For Jamplay Lessons!

Another great lick to learn is the Rock’n’Roll rythym using just two strings. It’s interesting to note that this lick and the power chord are both based on the same notes!

A Good Rock Sound
To get a good rock sound, distortion or overdrive is often used. This comes by default on most guitar amplifiers because it is probably the most used effect of all. A good reverb sound is great to have too and comes on amps that are slightly more expensive than the starter models.

Guitar Effects
If you don’t have either of these effects on your amp, separate effects pedals can by bought. These range from heavy distortion to echo and all sorts of cool sounds. An effects unit can be purchased that includs most sounds in one unit

Other Buying Options
Another option is to buy the guitar and amp separately by asking advice from the staff in a guitar shop.

You’ll probaly spend a bit more money but with good advice, have an amp and guitar that will last you a longer period of time before you upgrade to better equipment.

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