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“I’d love to play the piano but is it too late for me to learn as an adult?” … absolutely not!

Learn To Play PianoThe piano is the gateway to almost every style of music and can be learned at any age and online too.

This makes learning the piano online often more convenient – and at times, less embarassing than taking a lesson with a private teacher with other students waiting for their lesson in the room!

Rachmaninov’s piano concerto may be a little too ambitious for some, but the piano’s huge repertoire has something for everyone at any standard and any age.

In the video below, you’ll hear a selection of pieces that can be played in a relatively short time – even if you are starting from scratch!




Learn At Your Own Pace
A great advantage when you learn to play piano online is that you can go at your own pace – and just a little regular practice can produce amazing results!

If you are interested in learning to play different styles of music, you will get a lot from these tutorials – check this out … online piano and keyboard courseYou can see some of the course contents below … which style of music would you like to learn?


Piano Styles & Repertoire



No Space for a Large Piano? … Instrument Options
One option for those who don’t have the space for a large piano is an electronic piano with a weighted action. Electric pianos feel the same to play as an acoustic traditional piano but of course take up less room. You can also play using headphones which is very neighbor friendly!


Digital Piano

Plays and Sounds Like The Real Thing!


Another option is a keyboard but get one with a minimum of 61 keys. Anything less and you will be wanting more keys after a short time. A sustain pedal is really important too, because without one, as soon as you lift your finger off a key the sound stops dead.

With a piano the strings ring on, as long as the pedal is pressed down – the difference is very obvious and sounds much better with the pedal. Some keyboards have a jack socket for a sustain pedal.

A Good Technique
One disadvantage when learning to play a musical instrument without a private teacher is that you can be doing things that you shouldn’t be … that is picking-up bad habits that only someone watching you will spot.

However, if you are aware of building a good technique, the absense of a private teacher shouldn’t be a problem.

Remember to keep those wrists up and practise slowly … you’ll make better progress if you do!

Something for Everyone!
The Piano for all course covers so many styles with tips and tricks for quick results – perfect for adults who would like to learn at home!


Learn To Play Piano Online

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The Piano for Vocal Accompaniment
The singer/songwriter pianist has been a big part of the pop scene. From Stevie Wonder, Elton John and Lennon and McCartney, they’ve all contributed hugely to the modern song repertoire with some of the best songs of the modern pop era.

If you want to play in their style, learn as many chords and inversions as you can because most piano accompaniment is chord based.

Remember … it is never too late to learn to play piano online and sound great – even at the early stages! Click here for more.







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