Learn Drums

“I’ve always wanted to learn to play the drums but they are too loud for my circumstances.”

If you don’t want a conventional drum kit, you can buy a practice or electronic drum kit that is almost silent. You hear the sounds through headphones or you could play through an amplifier with a band. These kits are also a lot easier to transport too!

The drum kit is an instrument that can be learnt reasonably quickly but to play really well takes years to develop an advanced technique and a good “feel”.

Perhaps the most common fault for the beginning drummer is learning to keep the tempo at the same speed throughout a piece, that is, not speeding-up. It is surprisingly difficult to keep a rhythm at exactly the same speed but if you become too aware of the tempo it can affect the “feel” and make your rhythm sound boring and mechanical.

Like most other instruments, a good teacher can help to get you off to a flying start and bad habits picked-up at the beginning by practising without a few playing tips can hinder future progress.

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