Learn Acoustic Guitar

learn acoustic guitarReasonably inexpensive, the guitar acoustic is great for vocal/guitar and is the number one choice of instruments for many beginners.

Just a few chords and you’ll be able to play hundreds of songs. You’ll probably want to avoid ”home on the range”!

Fingers or Plectrum
Fingerstyle or strumming, there is a huge range of musical styles that are playable on the acoustic guitar and you can buy one for a very reasonable price. There are also some extremely expensive acoustic guitars that would cost around the same price as a small car!

Getting Started
Being able to change from one chord to another, without stopping, is among the most important things to practise when beginning to learn the acoustic guitar.

Start with the easiest chords such as A major and E major then practise changing back and forth, trying to narrow the time gap – how long it takes to change.

Learn To Play Acoustic Guitar

Easy Songs
Play songs such as Yellow Submarine and He’s Got The Whole World slowly, both of these can be played with just two chords.

For strummers, a simple up and down rhythm is all you need to begin with. Down strums on the beat and up strums in between.

Fingerstyle is more complicated but can be learnt from a classical or folk approach.  The Folk style may be found at folk guitar fingerstyle.

Step-By-Step method of how to play acoustic guitar like the Eagles, Jack Johnson, Joni Mitchell, Ben Harper, James Taylor …. and more. For one of the best online tuition packages here’s a good one.


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Acoustic Guitar Strings
Acoustic guitar strings are usually harder to press down onto the frets than an electric guitar, so it’s a good idea when you buy an acoustic guitar to get the shop to set it up properly.

A good set up will include the neck truss rod being adjusted to get the strings as close to the frets as possible – without a buzz on the frets. Also, choosing a light or extra light gauge string will help provide a lighter action.

The Action
A low action means that the strings are close to the frets – making the strings easier to press down. A hight action indicates that the strings are farther away from the frets making it harder to press the strings down.

Electro Acoustics
Many acoustic guitars these days come with an internal pickup system – these guitars are known as electro acoustics because they can be amplified through a guitar amplifier. Some of these guitars even have their own on board tuner which is very useful.

A capo for playing open chords in higher positions is very useful. A guitar strap, string winder, clip on guitar tuner, guitar stand, extra plectrums (picks) and case are all items that you’ll probably want at some stage in the future.

Acoustic guitar outfits are available where many of the above items are included.

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