Instruments for Beginners

Although these instruments are modestly priced, they can still give years of enjoyment and perform the task of taking the beginner from zero to … a very good musician!

Secondhand instruments are also an option but you will need to have an experienced player with you to see if the instrument you are interested in is in full working order.

There are many faults that can occur as an instrument gets old but the advantage of buying new is that there is much less chance of a problem, and it is under guarantee. Always remember to keep the packaging and receipts until you are happy everything works!

There is a huge amount of teaching material on the internet, but a few lessons from someone who already plays can help a lot. It is very easy to develop bad habits without realizing, so someone to give you a few tips and watch you playing is a great help.

The quickest way to learn to play and develop your skills is a little practice everyday. If you are an adult, you will probably want to practise when nobody is around – adults are more self conscious than children so don’t be put-off – you’ll get there if you keep practising!