How To Become A Better Singer

In this article we are going to look at how to become a better singer and the various ways of looking after your voice to make it work as best as possible. It is true that anyone can learn to sing better and we also have a few tips on how to cope with nerves.

Tips On How To Become A Better Singer

The Vocal Cords

The voice box is a muscle or group of muscles in the throat that move the vocal cords and as such, need to be warmed-up before they can work properly. it’s a bit like a weight lifter going into the gymn and picking up the heaviest weight to start with – it would do damage!

Professional Lessons On How To Sing

The voice or vocal chords can be warmed up by using exercises, scales and arpeggios to warm up the voice – especially at the high end of the vocal range.

Looking After You Voice Between Singing

One of the best ways to keep your voice in good shape is to drink plenty of water. Keeping your body and throat hydrated helps the muscles and vocal cords to work well and remain lubricated.

Before Going Onstage

It is best not to eat or drink dairy products before going on stage (or before singing when it’s imortant) because dairy products, incuding chocolate cause a build up of phlegm – or thicken the mucous which can make it harder to sing – especially high notes!

Controlling Nerves

Being in control mentally is something that is essential for concentration. Being in control physically is as important so as to stop the fingers from shaking!

Slow deep breaths are also calming – see how to breathe from the diaphragm when singing.

Drinking coffee just before a performance is a bad idea – caffeine tends to make people more hyper and cause dehydration, exactly the opposite to what we are trying to achieve.

Bananas are good before a performance because they have a calming effect. The magnesium in bananas helps to restrict the adrenaline rush that can cause panic and the shaky voices – shaky fingers are not good for musicians too.

Memorizing Music

One method of remembering your notes or words is to run through them just before you go to sleep. The mind continues to establish what it has concentrated on, when you are sleeping.

Performing a new piece of music is often very worrying because remembering the words or music is even more difficult when nervous.

It is known that adrenaline helps memorisation – this can be proven by experience. After performing a piece of music for the firsttime, it always seems much easier to remember – and less nerve-racking – the second time!

A Mix of Study and Experience

Learning how to become a better singer is a mix of technical study and tips learned by experience. Knowing how to cope best with difficult situations under pressure, and being as well rehearsed as possible, will always give the best chance to produce the best results.

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