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Learn Flute

Lots of puff is needed to play the flute and it takes time to develop a good tone. Of course you only have to play one note at a time and the flute has such a lovely sound. Getting Started – Your First Note The flute is made up of three parts; the head joint (with the hole), the body (the part with the most keys) and the foot joint.  To create some actually musical notes would […]

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Learn to Play Violin – Violin Master Pro Method – A Review

The Violin Master Pro Method Review There are a number of ways to learn violin online, some courses come as a bundle (all at once) and others are given out as weekly lessons with a recurring fee to go with them! In this Violin Master pro method review, I shall go into detail about this “bundle style” violin course and give its pro’s and con’s. Also the advantages and dissadvantages of learning to play the violin online […]

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