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Learn Church Organ

Learning to play the Church Organ from a pianist’s background. The church organ is an instrument that most people come to already having had some experience on the piano. To begin to learn the church organ without any piano or keyboard experience would be a very difficult and long task. However, many people struggle even if they can already play the piano, especially with learning to play the bass pedals – it’s almost as if you are […]

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Learn To Play Piano Online

Piano Teacher

“I’d love to play the piano but is it too late for me to learn as an adult?” … absolutely not! The piano is the gateway to almost every style of music and can be learned at any age and online too. This makes learning the piano online often more convenient – and at times, less embarassing than taking a lesson with a private teacher with other students waiting for their lesson in the room! Rachmaninov’s piano […]

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Learn Keyboard

Learn to play keyboard – it’s as difficult or as easy as you want to make it. It is possible to sound great on the keyboard and only play a few chords. An automatic accompaniment can be played just by holding down one note a left hand finger while playing a simple tune with the right hand. This is the quickest way to play the keyboard but I think many people will want more of a challenge […]

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