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Tips On Buying Your First Ukulele

It’s always both exciting and nerve racking when buying an item you know very little about. So here are a few important tips on buying your first ukulele. Buying a ukulele that is the wrong type or one that is not good enough to be able to learn on, is something that we want to avoid! The cheapest model is often what we first look for, before starting to learn a new instrument. However, the least expensive […]

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Rocket Ukulele Review – Learn Ukulele

Learning to play the ukulele has never been easier and with today’s modern teaching techniques, will fast-track your progress. The ukulele is one of the easier instruments to learn, so with online lessons now available, it is possible to be playing your favorite songs in a relatively short time. Learning from your computer, tablet or mobile device…   Click Here For More Info Learning a few ukulele chords and easy strumming patterns will provide all the skills […]

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5 String Banjo For Sale

5 String Banjo

5-String Banjo Closed Solid Back, 24 Bracket and Geared 5th Tuner By Jameson Guitars Full Size 5 String Banjo for sale with Geared 5th Tuner This is a Best Selling Banjo on Amazon It has a Closed Mahogany Back and 24 Brackets The 5 string banjo is made by Jameson & Davison Guitar Company Quick delivery and is a customer favorite with great reviews There are several types of banjo, perhaps the most popular of which is […]

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Learn Mandolin

The Mandolin is an amazing little instrument and there are two types. Flat back which is the folk instrument, and bowl back, which is more of an Italian style. Not too expensive to buy and easy to transport the mandolin is a lot of fun. It can be as easy or as difficult to play as you wish. The neck is quite slim so if you have large thick fingers this instrument may not be for you. […]

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