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Learn Blues Guitar

B B King Blues Guitar Man

The Player and Instrument You can learn blues guitar on even a modest instrument. B B King played a Gibson 345 and Robert Johnson used an old beaten-up acoustic that you could probably buy for next to nothing! It’s true to say that it’s not the instrument you play, it’s how you play it that matters. I guess we would all prefer the Gibson than the old acoustic but it really won’t make us into better guitarists, […]

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Learn Blues Harp

“I would like to play an instrument that doesn’t take too long to learn and doesn’t cost a fortune to buy”. The Blues Harmonic (or blues harp) is a good choice. It is cheap to buy, relatively quick to learn and a lot easier to take on the bus than a double bass! Ten Hours or Ten Years If you learn to play the blues harp which is also called blues harmonica, it won’t takea long time […]

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