Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

This website is here to encourage all those who would like to learn to play a musical instrument, Musical Instruments for Beginnersbut have never had the opportunity or time.

If you are not quite sure which instrument is right for you, start by trying one that is easy to learn – such as the ukulele.

It’s great fun and very popular – there are even ukulele orchestras where players, including beginners, get together and have a good strum and sing!

Ukulele for beginners …

The keyboard is also a great choice for beginners and not as difficult to get started on as you may think – see Keyboards for beginners …


There’s An Instrument For You!

It’s never too late to learn, and with the right help, you’ll make quick progress with the least amount of time – even 15 minutes a day can produce great results!


Learn A Few Guitar Chords

Playing songs on the guitar can be learned in a relatively short time – with just a few chords it’s possible to play hundreds of songs in every style imaginable.

Guitar packages for beginners …


Adults Are Often Self Conscious

Adults usually find it more difficult to learn an instrument than children, not because they haven’t got the ability, but often because they are more self conscious about sounding like a beginner and making mistakes.


The Best Instrument To Learn For Adults

The best musical instrument to learn for adults is one that doesn’t sound too loud when practising. It can be played in a group of other players for moral support and it doesn’t take too long to get started playing songs and instrumentals.


Learning To Sing

Although the voice isn’t always considered to be a musical instrument – it is! Learning to improve your singing voice and joining a choir can be a very rewarding experience – you would be surprised just how much fun you can have when singing with other people!

Singing at a local Karaoke can be a lot of fun too and very demanding because you are on your own in front of an audience – and you will have other singers to compete with.

Playing the ukulele in a large ensemble, sometimes called a ukulele orchestra, is great fun and a social experience too.

If you’ve got children who take lessons, you can always sit in on their lesson and learn on the quiet!


Best Instrument For Children To Learn

On the other hand, children don’t have these negative thoughts in their minds as they are constantly learning new things and often told how great they sound – if you are an adult beginner … don’t be put off!


The Piano For Kids

One of the best instruments to learn, especially for children, is the piano. It is hard to break! and notes are a lot easier to play, at least to begin with, than a violin or trumpet.
Two of the biggest drawbacks with the piano are its size and cost, so if these are an issue, the suggestions below may be more suitable.





Learning The Guitar

Nylon String Guitar

Another great instrument to learn for kids is the guitar (nylon string, classical type is best for young children because it’s easier on the fingers) and is one of the least expensive options.

Some of the advantages of learning the guitar are:

  • Inexpensive to buy a beginner’s model
  • Easy to learn a few chords
  • Just about every style of music can be played on the guitar
  • Very portable – very popular!

The acoustic guitar is also a good place to begin if you hope to go on to learn the electric guitar – as many people do!


This video introduces the benefits of online lessons…


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Learn Bass Guitar

If you hope to one-day join a rock band or play in a group: The Bass Guitar is a good choice and one of the easiest instrument to learn in the rock category.

Although the cost of a bass guitar and amplifier will set you back a little or a lot – depending on the quality, a good set-up will last for years and be good value for money in the long-run.

Sometimes it is better to invest a little more (if possible of course) and get a set-up that will be usable on a more professional level, rather than have to upgrade and lose money in a part exchange deal.


The Acoustic Guitar

For singing and playing in various styles of music: The Acoustic Guitar is a great choice.


Nylon String Guitars

Reasonably inexpensive, the acoustic is great for vocal and guitar – singing and playing – it has got to be number one. Just a few chords and you’ll be able to play hundreds of songs but you may want to avoid home on the range!

The acoustic steel string has all metal strings and can make fingers a bit sore when first starting.

When buying an acoustic guitar for a child, it is worth remembering that nylon string guitars (classical) are easier on the fingers. Also, size is another consideration and I would recommend that children from seven years and above buy a 3/4 size.

People often ask: “what is the easiest musical instrument to learn to play?” and the answer is either the rhythm guitar or ukulele. Both are great for those who would like to strum and sing songs.

If you would like to play lots of tunes and sound like a full orchestra:


Keyboard Substitute for Piano

Learn To Play Keyboard

Depending on the level you wish to acheive, the keyboard can be as difficult or as easy as you want it to be. It can be played to the standard of classical piano or just with one finger and an automatic accompaniment in the left hand.

It is also great for composing your own music as it has every sound of the orchestra usually in midi format. It’s also possible to produce backing tracks for vocals etc. on the computer.

“I would like to play in an orchestra (eventually) and I like all sorts of music including classical.”





Violin Outfit

Learn The Violin

It is a wonderful instrument for solo playing and being part of a large group of players.

However, it is very demanding as a solo instrument and requires many years of practice to achieve a good standard. Surprisingly though, the violin is great for country, folk and jazz music too!

Great violinists start learning to play at a young age but you can still get to a good standard as an adult – it just takes regular practice.


“I’d love to learn to play the piano but it is probably too late for me at my age …  maybe?”


Learning The Piano

It s the key (pardon the pun) that can open the door to almost all styles of music and can be learnt at any age.

Rachmaninov’s piano concerto may be a little too ambitious for some, but the piano’s huge repertoire has something for everyone at any standard and any age.

An option for those who don’t have the space for a large piano is an electronic piano with a weighted action. They feel the same to play as an acoustic piano and sound almost as good. You can also use headphones to practise, so there is no problem with upsetting anyone else when practising.

Years ago it was very common to see an upright piano in many peoples homes. Sadly, these days it is more like a keyboard kept under the bed! More about learning to play piano here.


Learn To Play Drums


Drum Kit


“I’ve always wanted to learn to play the drums but they are too loud for my circumstances.”

A set of drums has played a staring role in many a young boy’s dream – much to the horror of parents who would like a quiet house! Howvever, these days there are much quieter options.

If you don’t want a loud conventional Drum kit, you can buy a practice or electronic drum kit that is almost silent. You hear the sounds through headphones or you could play through an amplifier with a band. These kits are also a lot easier to transport too!






Ukulele Outfit

Learn Ukulele

An easy instrument to learn is the Ukulele. Great fun to play and inexpensive to buy. You can be playing simple chords and songs within days and it won’t take long before you sound very good – with a little practice.

George Harrison loved to play the ukulele and Paul McCartney has used it in his stage show as a tribute to George!

When buying a ukulele, the very cheapest ones are best avoided – buy the next model up for a little extra money, and get one that you’ll be pleased with and find easier to play.








Learn The Bagpipes

Learn to play Amazing Grace on the Bagpipes … that would bring a tear to anyone’s eye!

The best way to start is with a chanter which is the part that you blow into. After you have learnt where the notes are and can play some tunes, it’s time to get the air pumping … you’ll need a lot of puff and probably music lessons too!

This is not the easiest instrument to teach yourself because the bagpipes take a lot of setting up to make a good sound.

A few lessons with a teacher, either in person or on the internet via Skype can help a lot and get you off to a flying start.

The bagpipes are great for New Year’s Eve and other special occasions.




Learn To Play A Musical Instrument

Mandolin – Bluegrass Style

Learn The Mandolin

The Mandolin is an amazing little instrument and there are two types.

Flat back which is the folk instrument, and bowl back, which is more of an Italian style.

Not too expensive to buy and easy to transport the mandolin is a lot of fun. It can be as easy or as difficult to play as you wish.

If your fingers are like thick sausages you may find it more difficult to learn!





Learn To Play The Church Organ

People often ask what is the hardest instrument to learn – it is the church organ.

Not only do you need to be able to play the manuals to a good standard but play the pedalboard with the feet. It’s like playing two instruments at the same time!

Perhaps the biggest challenge for those who want to learn to play the church organ is independence – when reading from three staves. That’s when the feet are busy and so is the brain!

It is recommended that you can already play the piano to a good standard before beginning the organ, to give you a fighting chance!



So what are you waiting for … choose an instrument and begin the exciting journey into the world of music as you learn to play a musical instrument!